Birchill Music | Hapilos Each one of us is put on this earth for one thing and one purpose. I believe I have found my purpose – to make music, and only music. I&rsqu...

Birchill Music


Each one of us is put on this earth for one thing and one purpose. I believe I have found my purpose – to make music, and only music.

I’ve been a musician all my life and these days that’s all I spend my time doing – creating music.

Born in Birch Hill in St James, I entered the world of music following in the footsteps of my brother Winston Birch. I started learning music at the Montego Bay’s Boys Club and Herbert Morrison High school. My first instrument was the bugle, then the trumpet. I also learned piano, but that was because I wanted to play the songs of Whitney Huston and Karen White to impress the girls in high school. My days were spent going back and forth between Herbert Morrison and the Boy’s Club walking on the train lines. Those were some of the best days of my life.

After high school, I went on the hotel scene in Montego Bay as part of my brother’s band playing the keyboard. I also played for other local bands on the circuit. I then moved to Negril working at Hedonism II and Grand Lido. In 1991 I joined the Sane Band, playing for international Reggae artists like Garnet Silk and Tony Rebel, among others.

Joining the famed 809 Band in 1993, I moved to Kingston, working with the likes of Nambo, Dean Frazer, Chico, Gibby, Bo Pee, Paul Kastick, Micheal Fletcher and Desi Roots. They were the best teachers I could have had. Being the youngest in the band they were like fathers to me. We played for legends such as the late Dennis Brown and Gregory Issacs, Freddie McGregor, The Mighty Diamonds, Beres Hammond, Frankie Paul, Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, Bob Andy, Sugar Minnott, Lieutenant Stichie, Papa San, Ninja Man, Buju Banton, and Bounty Killer.

As one of the original members of the Shy Guy band, I began playing for Diana King in 1996... It was a great experience, her diverse sound broadened my musical horizon.

I then became part of the Big Yard family touring with Shaggy in 1997. I did the Bombastic world tour enjoying every minute of it. We then went into the studio with Robert Livingston and recorded the Midnight Lover album, before going back on tour. While on the road I began producing, creating Longman productions. My first rhythm UFO, just made me hungry for more. I wanted to make an album titled ‘Longman and friends’, but Shaggy heard the tracks and loved them and used one for the title track for his groundbreaking, multi-platinum album, Hot Shots.

I continued producing for Big Yard before forming Birchill Music in 2004. Since then I have made dancehall and Reggae music that has been embraced by the music fraternity worldwide. Some of the rhythms I’ve created include: Salsa, Thriller, Military, Gansta Rock, My Swing, Cry baby, Wild Tonight, Get Fresh, Limbo, Ghetto Blues, Mashup, Drink and Party and Sexy Back.

Music is my life. I don’t work, I have fun and the minute you lose that you lose the music. Let’s have fun with music which is love and a major part of what the world needs now. Let’s keep Reggae and Dancehall strong.