About | Hapilos Hapilos Entertainment Group, Inc. is a global, multifaceted entertainment and music services company. Founded in 2009, the company is based in New York City with offices in Kingston, Jamaica. Hapilos Entertainment Group subsidiaries includes 21 st Hapilos Productions, Hapilos Publishing, and its flagship company 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution, Inc. The companies are collectively referred to as Hapilos.

About Hapilos | Entertainment and Music Services Company

21st Hapilos Digital Distribution, Inc. is one of the largest independent distributor of urban music. The main genres of music distributed are reggae, reggaetón, dancehall, afrobeat, hip-hop, soca, and R&B. 21st Hapilos Digital offers a wide range of distribution services covering marketing and promotional needs to independent labels, producers, artists, and other content right holders. The company’s distribution network includes worldwide delivery to over 250 digital retailers including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Google, and an additional 350 revenue stream destinations including internet, digital, and satellite radios. The company also provides comprehensive administrative support and services to help clients efficiently manage their music catalog. Along with Hapilos Publishing, services provided includes publishing administration, performance rights, and synchronization licensing to name a few.

Hapilos Records exists to create, record and produce top quality music and video content for public consumption.

Hapilos Publishing LLC provides publishing administration and rights management services and support to help artists, independent record labels and other content right holders protect and fully profit from their music copyrights in today’s digital era.


The mission of Hapilos is to level the distribution and music services playing field by providing one stop, hassle-free and first-class distribution and administration services globally to independent record labels, producers, artists, and other content right holders.

We accomplish this through:
Providing customized and cost effective digital distribution services to the music industry.
Maximizing the earning potential of our clients through aggressive marketing, promotionaland administrative support.
Investing in our clients by assisting in the development of new content and offering opportunities for growth and reward.
Core Values
  • Listen to our clients to understand and satisfy their distribution needs.
  • Respect all existing and potential clients and distinguish these relationships with trust and transparency.
  • Demonstrate a sense of urgency in everything we do.
  • Recognize the needs of our clients, foster and reward innovation, and encourage efforts to create and deliver great content.
  • Let creativity and innovation characterize our business solution.
  • Promote discussions, find solutions, and support decisions with a spirit of loyalty and team work.
  • Exemplify the highest standard of personal integrity and conduct.
  • Be proud of Hapilos.