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Hapilos Music Distribution

  • Sales, distribution and placement of your music with over 250 digital retailers plus over 300 additional revenue stream destinations worldwide.
  • Delivery for airplay of your music to over 85,000 radio personalities, radio stations, DJs, programmers, curators, etc. worldwide. These include FM, AM, internet, digital and satellite radios.
  • Digital press releases including links, quotes, artwork, release news, etc. to media houses and Music and Arts journalists worldwide.
  • YouTube monetization using Content ID/ Fingerprint Technology.
  • VEVO monetization and Channel Management.
  • Sound Cloud and Audio Mack Monetization.
  • Actively sourcing, recommending and submitting your releases for synchronization opportunities. This includes placement in films, trailers, TV shows, commercials, video games, etc.
  • Actively monitoring for revenues or levies deriving from additional digital transmissions, broadcasts, public performances, reproductions and private copying of your content under statute industry agreements, guidelines, copyright laws or otherwise.
  • Actively monitoring usage of your content worldwide using Fingerprint Technology and reporting to over 80 collective management organizations throughout the world including ASCAP, BMI, JAMMS, IFPI, PPL, etc. to ensure a fair copyright distribution system.
  • Partnership with regional Telecommunications companies including Digicel in Jamaica and 24 other Caribbean countries, Virgin Mobile in Columbia, Altice in the Dominican Republic and ICE in Costa Rica to stream your content directly to their subscribers’ cell phone. The Telecommunications companies serve as billing channels using their service plans or prepaid top up cards.
  • Continuous creation of viable and sustainable revenue streams in various markets.
  • Encoding your content to meet various industry standards and needs.
  • Assignments of ISRCs and UPCs to your releases.
  • SoundScan Registration.
  • Automatic processing of mechanical licenses on your behalf.
  • Rights Management Services to provide support to your label in managing your copyrights globally.
  • Legal support in protection of your copyrights, in defense against wrongful infringement claims and against threats to your revenue streams.
  • Continuous and aggressive marketing of your releases globally utilizing all available marketing, advertising and promotional platforms including Radio, TV, Newspapers, Social Media, Billboards, Websites, Web Blasts, Blogs, Press Releases, Promotional CDs, etc.
  • Development and delivery of compelling marketing drivers to key digital retailers so as to enable priority status to secure top-quality placements and playlisting on their respective platforms.
  • Label and project support in the form of assistance with music videos, creation of new content, new equipment, studio time and promotional related events.
  • Transparent web-based access to your analytics, sales data, earning reports, etc. via our Digital Sales Dashboard System.