‘Rampage Riddim’ #1 on Hapi... | Hapilos ‘Rampage Riddim’ produced by Claims Records featuring the likes of Tommy Lee Sparta, Intence, and IWaata to name a few, now hold the numb...

‘Rampage Riddim’ #1 on Hapi... | Hapilos

‘Rampage Riddim’ #1 on Hapilos Top 5 Monthly Album Chart for May
May 01, 2022

‘Rampage Riddim’ produced by Claims Records featuring the likes of Tommy Lee Sparta, Intence, and IWaata to name a few, now hold the number one spot on the Hapilos Top 5 Monthly Album Chart for May. The rhythm features songs such as ‘Code’ by Tommy Lee Sparta; ‘Killa’ by IWaata; ‘Nuh Bad Like We’ by Intence; ‘Rampage’ by 21Law; ‘Nuh Test’ by Champagnie; ‘Bung Bang’ by Darmain Stiile; ‘Bup’ by Banging; and ‘Fire Pon Fire’ by Tremma Muzik.

As the name suggests, ‘Rampage’, the project features mainly songs about ‘violence’ and ‘street life’. Fast-rising acts Champagnie, 21Law, Darmain Stiile, Banging, and Tremma Muzik proved that they could deliver lyrically on a high-energy rhythm. The ‘Rampage Riddim’ is followed by the ‘Booyaka Riddim’ in the number two spot, which features 13 tracks inclusive of Spice’s ‘Different Category’, Busy Signal’s ‘Yeng Yeng’, Konshens’ ‘Jungle Justice’, and Charly Black’s ‘High Everyday’ to name a few. The ‘Booyaka Riddim’ produced by Troyton Music turned heads and had many successes.
In 3rd position is Elephant Man’s ‘Di Best’ (EP) produced by Energy God Production. The project features seven high-energy tracks, inclusive of ‘Rifle Walk’; ‘Di Best’; ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’; ‘Badmind Go’; ‘She Dweet’; ‘X-Rated’; and ‘Big Deal’. The lead single ‘Di Best’ sees Elephant Man singing to the ladies, while ‘Badmind Go’ embraces the ‘bouncy’ and ‘spicy’ tempo of the Cuban-inspired single ‘Havana’ by Camila Cabello and Young Thug.

The 4th and 5th albums on the chart are the ‘3rd Yiy Riddim’ produced by Young Vibes Production and TMI Records and the ‘Heart to Heart Riddim’ produced by Dynasty Entertainment and JB Production respectively. The ‘3rd Yiy Riddim’ features 9 tracks including fan favorites such as ‘Hype & Bruk’ by Yaksta, ‘Energy’ by Jahshii, and ‘El Mundo Màs Grande’ by Skeng and Navaz. Other tracks include ‘Foundation’ by Bugle; ‘Vision’ by Nation Boss; ‘Patience Dweet’ by Sylxnce; ‘Time Change’ by TrackOne; ‘Transition’ by Di Ruption; and ‘Paranoid’ by Rhumba.
‘Heart to Heart Riddim’ wraps things up with 16 tracks. Of the 16, they include Rytikal’s ‘Beauty in the Struggle’, and Jahvillani’s ‘Money Isn’t Everything, which made bold statements in the media. The songs on the project mainly aimed to inspire and motivate.
All of the albums are marketed and distributed by Hapilos. The Hapilos Top 5 Monthly Reggae Album Chart is summarized once monthly using sales data.