SQUASH ‘STILL A ROAM’ WITH ... | Hapilos New York, New York – Dancehall entertainer Squash, “still a roam”, and with trending music – that’s a fact. He has released ...


Dec 06, 2020

New York, New York – Dancehall entertainer Squash, “still a roam”, and with trending music – that’s a fact. He has released over 25 songs since 2020 with his latest, titled, ‘Still A Roam’, he immediately curbs the whispers about his financial standing.

The lyrics will feel familiar to anyone who has ever had to quell the noise surrounding their name. It evokes feelings of cultural and social pride which the famed leadman of the fast-rising dancehall dream team “The 6ix”, delivers with the right amount of ego to silence, what he calls, the “chatty chatty” critics.

The song and music video which is produced by Wikid Media and distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution, Inc., has quickly attracted views on the artist’s VEVO channel since the music video was released on October 25. ‘Still A Roam’ is holding the No. 1 trending position on YouTube with over 800,000 views.

Squash has produced several hits including ‘Money Fever’, ‘Ohh Lala La’, and ‘Trending’, all of which debuted through the digital distribution company and have, to date, garnered over 30 million views collectively and nothing less is expected of this new single. It is evident the dancehall artiste has a flight plan and is manoeuvring the speed at which he ascends.

The combination of live instruments and electronic sounds, matched with the entertainer’s flow, incites the mood to dance, and viewers actually get to see the artiste who is styled to perfection in the video, busting a move in more than one scene.

A quiet storm too, Squash stirs up more than a tropical wave on the rhythm, as the recording artist invites a talented saxophonist to blow a passionate tune to beat the blues over the primarily dancehall rhythm. It takes the song to a higher altitude, which makes ‘Still A Roam’ a sure crosswind hit that a wide audience will delight in. Already, striking up a feel good vibe that the public is enjoying, the track is receiving the thunder in reviews across several digital and print media and he continues to stream globally.


‘Still A Roam’ is available for download and streaming on all digital music platforms including: iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Audiomack, Apple Music and Amazon Music