Damage Musiq | Hapilos To leave a timeless music legacy, and bequest a solid future for his children, that is the aspiration of 21stHapilos PRODUCER of the month, Dwayne Parkins...

Damage Musiq


To leave a timeless music legacy, and bequest a solid future for his children, that is the aspiration of 21stHapilos PRODUCER of the month, Dwayne Parkinson, CEO of Damage Musiq.

With a foundation stemming from his father operating a popular sound system in Montego Bay, Dwayne aka Damage was steeped in both music and sports for as far as he can remember. It is through football that he earned the moniker Damage with his impressive athletic prowess, and by virtue of All Nats Sound System that he developed a keen sense of melodic sounds. After the untimely passing of his father, Damage honored his father by carrying on the music torch with his own sound system partnered with 2 schoolmates. The latter culminated in Damage experimenting with remixes, to eventually lead in wanting to produce his own sounds. “I didn’t want to play the hits, I wanted to create them” – Damage

Priding himself in thinking outside the box, Damage creativity stems from listening and appreciating all genres of music while infusing his reggae and dancehall roots. “I listen to it all, dubstep, reggaeton, even country music inspires me. When I was young I used to admire and be in awe of producers like Don Corleone. He was my blueprint in terms of quality and timeless music” says the producer. With his laid back and humble demeanor, Damage emphasis is not only in remarkable production but also in the business side of music “There is no reason not to understand how business works anymore. We have access to the Internet and can self educate ourselves. And with companies like 21st Hapilos, we can see and understand our reach. We can pinpoint where certain songs sell out more, what outlets we need to market. Things change and the same way we adapt with studio equipment, the same way we need to adapt with the business sides of things” – Damage

Reflecting on his career, the soft-spoken 21st Hapilos Producer of the Month recalled, “When you are in any facets of the music industry, you must love it, not like it, LOVE IT! I have been blessed with certain connections because of my father, but everything else has been hustling and hard work. Since my first hit “Real Youths” performed by Fantan Mojah to my first compilation with Civil War Riddim. I have learned and changed and adapted.” He further added, “ I have worked with many amazing artists and I support many that I haven’t worked with yet as well. Right now my own personal playlist has Wayne Marshall, Kranium, Govana, Jah Vinci... I would also love to work with Rihanna, Buju Banton, Rick Ross, and DJ Khaled”.

Distributed by digital giants 21st Hapilos Digital, Damage Music impressive catalog features such projects as Shane O ft Konshens “Last Days Remix”, Tommy Lee Sparta & Masicka “Real Link”, Demarco “So We Stay”, and his latest summer hit-filled “Safe House Riddim” featuring GRAMMY-winning Beenie Man, Shane O, and Shatta Wale among others.

“There is a stigma because I am from Montego Bay, but like anywhere in the world, you will find good and bad, beauty and ugly. I am trying to highlight the beauty through my actions, through my music. I don’t want to be stereotyped. I want to use my platform for the next generation.” “I live and breathe for my children and music. I want to leave them a platform for their creativity. Kind of what Bob Marley did for his children. Set it up so that whatever they want to do, they will already have a foundation. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee success, but they will be able to put all their creativity in what they want to explore as opposed to spending half the time in the basic groundwork.” – Damage Musiq