Jonny Blaze & Stadic | Hapilos Our August 2018 Hapilos Producer of the Month honor was bestowed to two dynamic producers who joined forces for one of summer 2018 hit single! Meet USA ba...

Jonny Blaze & Stadic


Our August 2018 Hapilos Producer of the Month honor was bestowed to two dynamic producers who joined forces for one of summer 2018 hit single! Meet USA based Jonny Blaze and Trinidad based Stadic.

Both successful and prolific in their own rights, the two met 2 years ago through mutual music business associates and bonded over similar musical tastes, drive, and a vision to create a certain style of music to share with the world. The latter evident through their first official release as Jonny Blaze Productions and Stadic Music with the sexy sizzling single “SHOW” featuring dancehall siren Shenseea, soulful songstress Samantha J and rapper Azaryah. “Show Off,” is the first officially released a solo project of us as a duo. Collaboratively we have an arsenal of projects that are yet to be released featuring artists from across the globe that we simply can’t wait to share with everyone. Outside of “Show Off” we’ve collaborated on riddims along with other producers featuring artistes such as Vybz Kartel, RDX, Elephant Man, Skinny Fabulous, Linky First, etc. “ – Jonny Blaze

With two talented and gifted individuals spearheading a project, one wonders how roles are attributed to delivering in such unison. “Most successful prosperous partnerships/collaborations are built on trust with each person bringing a unique and value-adding skill set to the table. This is definitely the case with Stadic and Jonny Blaze. Creatively, there is endless collaboration until a project is ready to go. Jonny Blaze brings very unique concepts and ideas as to which musical elements/styles and artistes should be merged on specific projects and the experience on how to get it done while Stadic, who is nothing short of a musical genius, dives into exactly how to fuse all these elements in a way that translates as an amazing infectious experience to the listeners.“ – Jonny

Destined to top the charts, the sizzling single, which embodies the fun carefree air of summer, paired with catchy lyrics and unique uptempo beat stays true to Caribbean roots and rhythms with a global twist and appeal. This undoubtedly due to each producer’s musical influences. “I grew up listening to a very diverse range of music from Hip hop, R&B, funk, house, Spanish/Reggaeton, Indian/Bollywood, and of course reggae, dancehall, and Soca. Prince, Michael Jackson, Slick Rick, Bob Marley, Supercat, Biggie and countless DJ’s spreading mixtapes and the culture.“ explained Jonny, while Stadic stated, “I was highly influenced by R&B, Alternative, Reggae, and Soca. The stylings of Micheal Jackson, Al Green, UB40, The Band Touch and Blacks and area few of my favorite artists, groups from day one.“

Speaking on how “SHOW OFF” came about, the creative pair explained that they simply wanted to share their vision of a global sound to the Caribbean music with a unique blend of dancehall, soca, and tropical house. “We both love dancehall and Soca with the hard-hitting beats and incredible melodies, so why not us to start pairing up the top artists in both genres on the same tracks to bring a unique twist and new sound to the masses. Once we developed the infectious hook and the, “Show Off,” concept with Trinidad based Azaryah (fresh off his big release with Major Lazer) we knew we wanted to target 2 of the hottest, most talented females on the dancehall scene to represent hard for the ladies. Shenseea and Samantha J were a perfect fit. “

Currently at #4 on 21st Hapilos Top 10 Digital Chart, “SHOW OFF” is blazing the international airwaves, while having delivered stunning, sexy, fun visuals with a video featuring Jonny Blaze, Stadic, Shenseea, Samantha J, Azaryah and some of Jamaica’s best dancers.

“We want to be remembered as 2 of the riskiest producers to ever to do it and do it well with proven results and a formula for hit songs! Our strategic fusion of the aforementioned musical styles is going to lend itself to the birth of a very unique sound that the world over is going to embrace. Our focus is not exclusively zoned into the sound of the projects but also around the artist collaborations to bring the vibes and shock factor in some cases to the listeners' ears. The goal is for our music to be accepted on any playlist, radio station, in any country, in any party or fete and not be confined by one label.“ – Jonny Blaze

“Stay tuned for more tunes, more fire! We’ve got an arsenal of international collabs spanning the globe with chart-topping artists from the Caribbean, US, UK, Africa, India, and Latin America alike.“ – Stadic

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