Spice Official Ent | Hapilos Vogue Magazine referred to her as “The Fashion-Forward Queen of Dancehall”, Billboard as “Today’s reigning dancehall queen “...

Spice Official Ent


Vogue Magazine referred to her as “The Fashion-Forward Queen of Dancehall”, Billboard as “Today’s reigning dancehall queen “and at the 2017 BET Awards Cardi B professed to be Spice’s biggest fan and called the Jamaican star “an inspiration.”

Those impressive accolades have not come without hard dedicated work in a male-dominated area.

In 2000, Dancehall business mogul Heavy D offered Spice her first major experience as an artist in Jamaica. She stormed into the world of Dancehall on the giant stage of Sting receiving four encores and great interest from the sectors major players.

Spice made it clear that she was here to stay and be considered as a key figure in the male-dominated industry. Each year has seen new accolades and she has set presidency with statistics and delivering theatrical performances across the globe. Spice was the first female dancehall artist to score more than 120 million views collectively on YouTube’s VEVO, the most for any female in the Dancehall. In 2009, “Ramping Shop” debuted #96 on the Billboard charts, the hit with Vybz Kartel catapulted her to the top and she has reigned ever since. In 2014, her hit single “So Mi Like It”, amassed over 80 million views again placing her in a distinguished category as the first female act from Jamaica to gain that many hits on a solo song.

Although she boasts an infectious catalog of hit music that has attracted joint ventures from all over the world including Missy Elliot, Dave Kelly, I-Octane, Kid Ink, Vybz Kartel, Lady Leeshur, Jeremiah, Busta Rhymes, Mya and many more. Spice through issues with her label has yet to release one full-length album. After years of waiting, the top-charting artist took matters in her own hands and recently released a mixtape to satisfy fans musical thirst.

Titled “Captured”, the Spice Official Entertainment produced mixtape distributed by digital giants 21st Hapilos Digital features 19 tracks “Black Hypocrisy”, “Mine Mine Mine”, “Genie”, “Under Fire”, “Cool It”, “Murder”, “Captured”, “Fiesta”, “Romantic Mood”, “Fake”, “Body Right”, “Yaaas Goodie”, “Moving Fast”, “Mahma Man”, “Video This” “Walk Out”, “Beauty and The Brain”, “Gum” and “Big Horse”. The listing run the gamut from reggae to dancehall while displaying a different side to the artist who lays her singing vocals on selected singles. The mixtape journey began on Monday, Oct 22nd, when hosted by Hapilos Ent, the dancehall star “broke the internet” after delivering a moving live performance backed by the all-female self-contained band Adahzeh (via social media that attracted over twenty thousand viewers) of music from her Captured Mixtape. The viral sensation stemmed from the lead single “Black Hypocrisy” that was paired with visuals (video and live performance) of the melanin artist bleached out. Causing uproar worldwide, the lead track was mentioned on TMZ, ABC News, Essence Magazine and more. The latter catapulted the single to #1 on iTunes reggae charts for weeks leading to the November 6th release. Since then, “Captured Mixtape” has charted #1 on iTunes US and UK Reggae Chart, #3 on Amazon, #1 on Google Play Album Reggae Chart, and on November 13th debuted at #1 on Billboard Reggae Chart. “I must say it feels good to be sitting up there with the great Bob Marley. This is all because of you. THANK YOU SO MUCH #Smurfgang. Nobody can’t tell me nothing mi frighten baaaaaaaad. They told me I couldn’t do it, no manager no record label just me, God and my fans alone. Thank you Hapilos, Thank you Cara, Marie, Emilio” – Spice